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Colonial Caballo 
The Unimagined Journey

 Sea Dreams
Bodies in Conflict

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Spanish Mustang - Contested Icon of the American West

Book from exhibition of same name at WSA Gallery,

Winchester School of Art, Hampshire, UK - January 2020


       COLONIAL CABALLO was an exhibition of paintings and installation with book of responses to the decade spent by the artist in the American West.  Staying and working with the Blackfeet tribe of Native Americans in northern Montana, where she did research working with some members of the tribe gathering data for a social history project funded in Canada. From 2005 to 2010 she lived across the border in Alberta, Canada, driving across the border into Montana every week throughout the year.

       On the Blackfeet reservation she first encountered Spanish Mustang horses that are direct descendants of the horses brought by the Spanish to the Americas in the sixteenth century. The Spanish Mustang evolved from these horses, honed by nature over five hundred years to those living today."

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Montana and other homelands with Spanish Mustangs


The story of a personal journey taken by artist and writer, Sarah Farman, begun in 2000 up to 2014. Memories and stories of her encounters on the Blackfeet tribe's reservation in Montana, living and working in Alberta and along the way meeting the Spanish Mustangs, as Spanish colonial heritage horses of America, that would change her life forever.


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Sea Dreams is a collection of poems written over a period of time starting not long after the author’s arrival from her home in southeast England to live on a small acreage just outside Fort Macleod, southern Alberta, Canada in the summer of 2005.

Published 2015

“Yet, there seemed to be a smell of salt in the night air and, as winter came upon me and the first snows fell, I saw shapes and lines as on sandy beaches ………….  As the prairie grass blew and rippled in the Chinook wind I imagined this place when once it was ocean and wondered in awe at how small I was."

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This publication includes the paper

Warrior Bodies in Ambiguous Conflict -

Remembering Vietnam with Blackfeet Memories

by Sarah Farman


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